ask any thing, discuss anything, and share information and thoughts with people from all around the world, we have more than 20 different forums that covers many subjects, that you rarely see in any other forums, plus many forums created by the users them selves (at the moment more than 50 forums).

»Chat rooms:
Get to know handreds of people and counting, awesome chat script that will allow you to create private rooms, or chat in general rooms, with funny and special functions that makes our chat the most unique chat on wap, easily send private or public message in the same room, chat in esreveR words or with our funny chatbot, in a nut shell: UNLIMITED CHAT FEATURES!

»Fun Menu:
Games, and other fun things to have while you waiting your buddies to be online, new games will be added, to let you never be bored while you're here

»Buddies List:
The buddies list will make you so close to your favorite members on our community, quickly reach them and know some information about them.

»Ignore list:
So is somebody is really bothering you? you can simply add them to your ignore list and then they wont be able to send you PMs or chat to you in chatrooms, as simple as that.

Huge collection of funny and unique smilies, some of them you have never seen before simply because we designed them.

use special codes to format your text, some of them are really unique and we are the first to use them.

send greeting cards, to any member in the site

Send and recieve Personal Messages to any member, with great features to let you filter inbox view, dialogs (which will let you see a chat text style of PMs was sent to or recieved from a specific member) , star PMs, download them and forward them to your e-mail.

»Personal Wap Site:
Get your own http://sitename.com/users?yournick site the moment you register, allowing any person on earth to know personal information about you, read your blogs, see your events, and many more coming features

»And more!:
Blogs, polls, calendar, address book, extended users profile, huge collection of avatars, galleries, downloads, guestbook and many features to come.

Join us now, to be a part of our fast growing community